Tips For Gardening Strawberry Planters

Tips For Gardening Strawberry Planters

Strawberries are very nice fruits to grow, and it is also a rewarding experience to grow them. It will give a home gardener a lot of pleasure because they give a rich harvest.

Strawberry picking is a passion for several people. One single plant can produce one quart of strawberries at a time. You can also pick the variety of strawberry you want to grow based on your needs. You get the seasonal and the perennial varieties.

Here are some tips on growing this wonderful plant.

Look for a sunny patch in your garden to plant the strawberries. The berries need the sun to ripen and become juicy.

Make sure the soil is well drained and dry. It is easier for you to prepare the soil. While preparing the soil, add one or two inches of fertilizer.

Never mix strawberries with other plants as they may not grow very well, and they are also extremely susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections.

Plant them in spring and they will be ready in late fall.

When choosing the plants, get something that has light colored roots. One plant can multiply into several. So, do not buy too many of them or you will fall short on space.

Keep the weeds away from the patch. Before planting, go through the patch of land and look carefully for weeds. Pull them all out.

When you are digging holes to put the plants in, make a hole that is large enough and roomy for the roots to grow.

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Tips For Gardening Strawberry Planters