What Does A Strawberry Plant Look Like ?

What Does A Strawberry Plant Look Like ?

A strawberry plant is short bush that gives out several berries. The leaves that you see on top of the berry are not very different from the leaves that you would see on the plant except that they are bigger.

The leaves are light and bright green, and they can change to dark green according to the season.The berries when they start out are small white flowers. So, when you se, a strawberry plant when it has just began flowering you will notice that they have tiny little specks all over in bunches. You will see white dots on full green leaves. In a week's time, these flowers disappear and you will see small white berries. At that time, these berries do not take the shape of the actual strawberry. Instead, they are just round balls. However, you will see several bunches on the plant.

Give it a couple of weeks more time, and then you will notice semi white and red berries all over the green bush. From the top, the strawberry plant almost looks like creeper or a bush which is just spreading all over. When the berries are beginning to get ripe, they slowly become red and grow bigger in size. However, once they completely turn red, they stop getting bigger also.

Strawberries are found hanging on the bush in bunches, just like grapes. The only difference is that every single berry is attached to the parent stem. You can find several bunches like these in one single bush or plant.

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What Does A Strawberry Plant Look Like