History Of Watermelon  

Historians think that watermelon is a desert fruit. It originated in the Kalahari Desert of Africa. The first record of watermelon was found in a five thousand years old document in Egypt.

It was found in several Hieroglyphics on the walls of the pyramids in Egypt. So, it is an ancient fruit that traces its origins to Africa.หWatermelons were placed in the tombs of the kings as a sign of nourishment for their afterlife. So, even ancient Egyptians realized the value of watermelon as a health fruit.

Watermelon spread to the other parts of the world through the merchant ships that traveled in the Mediterranean Sea. By the end of the 10th century, watermelon was cultivated in China. Today, China is the number one producer of watermelons.

In the 13th century, the watermelon spread to European countries. The world’s first dictionary had the word watermelon in it, and described it as a watery and rich fruit. The African slaves were the ones who got the watermelon to the United States as a Southern Food. The United States currently ranks fourth in watermelon production. It is grown in Georgia, Florida, Texas and Arizona.

Today, almost all the countries in the world grow watermelons and the people can enjoy this fruit world over. It grows throughout the year in several countries, and in some places, it is a seasonal summer fruit. Several researches have been conducted on the goodness of watermelon and scientists now speak about the health benefits of the fruit. People can have watermelon as a part of their daily fruit diet.

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History Of Watermelon




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How-Much-Sugar-Is-In-Watermelon      Watermelon contains a large number of carbs and sugars. Even a smalls serving of watermelon can contain an ample amount of natural sugars in it. In one serving of 100 grams, you can find 6.2 grams of sugar. This amount is considered high compared to other fruits. That is why watermelon is so sweet. More..




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