How Much Sugar Is In Watermelon ?

How Much Sugar Is In Watermelon ?

Watermelon contains a large number of carbs and sugars. Even a smalls serving of watermelon can contain an ample amount of natural sugars in it.

In one serving of 100 grams, you can find 6.2 grams of sugar. This amount is considered high compared to other fruits. That is why watermelon is so sweet.However, instead of just looking at the number of sugar in the fruit, one should also pay attention to the number of dietary fiber and its values. Even if you consume sugars through watermelon, the dietary fiber present in the fruit makes sure that everything is absorbed and does not get converted into fat in the body.

Several biologists disagree and say that the high content of sugars can lead to weight gain. However, that is disputed by large. Watermelon is a bulky fruit only because of the amount of water it contains, and there is no way a person would put on weight by consuming the sugary water. The chances of fat storage are minimized because of the water content. Water plays an active role in the digestion of food.

Other than that, a watermelon has several other vitamins and minerals. It has lycopene which is very valuable to the body as it contains the power to destroy the free radicals which are mainly responsible for causing cancer. Free radicals can cause any type of cancer in the body.

This clearly proves that having a watermelon in spite of its sugar and carbohydrate content is actually good for health.

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How Much Sugar Is In Watermelon