Origin Of Watermelon  

The watermelon originated in the deserts of Kalahari in Africa. Even today, it grows abundantly in this region. However, watermelon is an ancient fruit. The ancestors of the watermelon called the Tsamma melon, which are still found in the Kalahari Desert even today.

Biologists claim that the fruit has to be the native of the African continent only. Some of the African slaves who went to the United States brought along the Tsamma melon, and that is how it started growing in Baja in California.Watermelon was being cultivated in the African continent as early as 2000 B.C. Some of the hieroglyphics found in the pyramids of Egypt show watermelon as a fruit. It is shown that people enjoyed eating it, and they even placed it in the tomb for their kings or queens. It was considered to nourish their after life when they need it. Watermelon seeds were also found in Tutankhamen’s tomb. However, in those days no other place other than the Mediterranean regions knew about the fruit.

It was taken to China at the end of the 9th century. The Chinese also started cultivating it rapidly, and also it soon became a preferred fruit. Today, China is the top producer of watermelon in the entire world.

Throughout history, several other Asian countries like Pakistan and India have cultivated watermelon. It is largely found in the northern parts of India. The Vietnam Prince found the fruit to be extremely amusing because of its size, and he took it back to his country. There is even a folklore relating to this incident. So, watermelon is a widely traveled fruit actually.

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Origin Of Watermelon




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