Watermelon Growing Problems  

Watermelon is a fairly easy plant to grow once the vine starts growing. Even the fruits can take care of themselves if you have been watering properly.

A watermelon plant does not have any problems as long as the plant and fruit gets ample sunlight, and the soil is fertile to meet its nutrition needs. As long as these conditions are met, the plant should prosper and there should be no concern.Actually you have to start keeping a close watch only after the melons come out. The symptoms of fungal and bacterial infections show up on the fruit more than anything else. The watermelon plant is very good at picking up infection and diseases from the neighboring shrubs and bushes. That is why it is best not to have anything close by when you are growing watermelons. Some of the common problems with watermelons are leaf spots. The leaf spots start appearing on the fruits also.

However, you should learn to identify the problems with the plant also. You should look for signs and symptoms which will tell you what kind of problem it is. Only then it is possible to give them the right treatment.

Another common problem with watermelon is mildew. This can occur even when you over water the patch. Mildew goes away when you spray fungicide. When the watermelon patch has mildew, the center of the patch starts to look brown. This should be indication enough that there is a problem that needs your immediate attention. Also, keep checking for fungal and bacterial infections under the leaves.

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Watermelon Growing Problems




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