Watermelon Growth  

Watermelon is a fairly fast growing plant. It just takes a couple of seeds to germinate a watermelon plant. You can start growing a watermelon plant from the seeds taken from the fruit you eat.

You just need to dry out the seeds, and then plant them.Once the seed is germinated, you will notice that within a month's time, the vine starts spreading on the ground rapidly. If you have planted more seeds, then you will notice the vines connecting to each other. Almost everyday you will see signs of new buds and leaves. Only after the vines grow to a certain length, they will start flowering.

It could take nearly 45 to 60 days for the first flower to come on the watermelon plant. So, plant the seeds in February so that you get the first crop in May or June, which is just in time for summer. You may want to give a comfortable cushion of ten days for delay in germination and weather problems. However, through the winter months you need to protect the plant in everyway you can from frost and snow.

The flowers start growing, and within no time you will see the small watermelons hanging on the vines. At first they seem to be like small tennis balls. However, it takes 30 days from here for the fruit to ripen completely. Always look at the bottom of the watermelon to notice a yellow and white spot. This means the watermelon is ripe. Avoid plucking the fruit when it is not ripe.

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Watermelon Growth




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