When Is A Watermelon Ripe ?

When Is A Watermelon Ripe ?

Watermelon is known to be sweet and juicy. It also has a crisp texture which is loved by one and all. Having a watermelon on a warm sunny day is the best food or dessert anyone can have.

However, whether you are buying a watermelon or picking it from your own patch, you should be able to tell when a watermelon is ripe and when it is still unripe.If you look at many watermelons heaped up, it is impossible to tell which one is ripe and which one is not. All of them look the same, and most of them are green and white. Some types of watermelons are completely dark green. However, there are some tips from experts that you can use to tell when the watermelon is ripe for eating.

When you pick up the watermelon in your hand, feel the watermelon all over. A good ripe watermelon should have no soft spots on it. The skin of the watermelon is actually very thick, and typically it would not be too soft. However, in a ripe fruit you should not be able to feel any change on the surface of the melon.

When you pick up the watermelon, it should be quite heavy. This would mean that it is very ripe and full of water.

Also, when you are feeling the watermelon, it should have an even figure. It should be symmetrical mostly. There should be no uneven bulges in the fruit.

Also, look at the spot where it was connected with the plant and see if it is pale yellow in color which is a sign that it is ripe.

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When Is A Watermelon Ripe