What To Do When You Have Aphids On Tomatoes ?

What To Do When You Have Aphids On Tomatoes ?

Tomatoes are a part of any vegetable garden. People prefer to grow them rather than purchasing them from a grocery store. Just like all the crops are affected by some pests or the other, tomatoes are affected by aphids.

Aphids are common pests to affect tomatoes. These are tiny-sized pests, which vary in color, depending on the species. Aphids usually start attacking tomatoes by first damaging the stems and leaves of the plant. It is common to see some aphids to attack the tip of a tomato plant to draw out the sap from the succulent and tender portions of the plant. Usually you will find more aphids on tomatoes when the weather is relatively dry.

Aphids feed on the sap and leave behind sticky liquid called honeydew, which creates mold growth known as gall. So we usually see dark black soot colored molds in plants infected by aphids. You will know that your tomato plants are infested with aphids when the plants start turning yellow, wilt, decay and shed their leaves for no reason whatsoever.

It is difficult to see the aphids in the beginning stages. Once you notice the sticky matter or fungus, it can be said for certain that the tomatoes have been infected by aphids. It is better to control the aphids in the initial stages. Otherwise, they will destroy other plants too.

Aphids on your tomato plants can be removed manually when the number is less. However, ensure that you wear gloves to remove these pests. Or else, you will suffer from skin irritation. After removing them manually, make sure you hose the plants down with water to get rid of any aphids you might have missed.

However, if the infestation is high, then try to get rid of the aphids using some type of organic insecticide. You can also drown these pests by dunking them in a bucket of soapy water. Keep the dead aphids soaking in the same water overnight, and the following day discard them among your tomato plants. This will act as a deterrent to other aphids.

Another way to kill aphids on tomatoes is by using neem oil. However, make sure that the oil concentrate is diluted with water before you spray it onto the plants.

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What To Do When You Have Aphids On Tomatoes