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        Aphids are insects, which can damage flowers, crops, or the entire garden. In fact, they have the ability to damage entire crops at a blink of an eye. They take the food from the plant's phloem tubes.

        These tubes are transportation channels in plants using which sap is transported from leaves to the roots. The sap is what the aphids live on. The aphids give diseases to plants as a mosquito gives diseases to human beings. Aphids are green in color and small in size. When feeding on plants, they leave a trail of liquid on the plants.More...


Plants That Atract Aphids

Plants That Atract Aphids

It has been seen that aphids tend to attack plants that grow at a fast pace. This is primarily because these plants have a lot of tender, young and succulent parts that aphids can feast on. In addition, there are some plants that attract aphids.More...


What Are Aphids ?

What Are Aphids

Aphids belong to the Aphidoidea family within the order of hemiptera, which also consists of cicadas, gnats, and other so-called true bugs. Aphids are divided into ten families, and there are about 4,000 varieties of them. Aphids can be seen all around the world, but most of them are found in the temperate zones. Around 250 species are pests in gardens and forests.More...


What Do Aphids Eat ?

What Do Aphids Eat

Aphids, also referred to as plant lice or greenflies, are insects which feed on plants. Their reproduction is usually very high and they can move from place to place easily with the wind. Aphids with wings can fly over oceans and cover as much as 1,000 miles. In the Midwestern region of the US, aphids are yellow green or sometimes red in color.More...


What Do Aphids Look Like ?

What Do Aphids Look Like

Aphids are one of the most destructive pests, which live by sucking life out of flowers, vegetables and/or houseplants. They can invade and live on plants for a long time and if you do not eliminate them, they will end up destroying all the plants in your garden or field.More...


Where Do Aphids Live ?

Where Do Aphids Live

Aphids are sometimes referred to plant lice. These insects are garden pests that are small in size, and lead to wide scale destruction of crops in temperate regions. There are around 4,400 species of aphids belonging to 10 families. Out of these 4,400 species, only 250 cause serious damage to plants. As mentioned earlier, these pests are small in size and their length varies from 1 mm to10 mm.More...





Garden Pest:

What-To-Do-When-You-Have-Aphids-On-Tomatoes      Tomatoes are a part of any vegetable garden. People prefer to grow them rather than purchasing them from a grocery store. Just like all the crops are affected by some pests or the other, tomatoes are affected by aphids. More..




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