Difference Between The Lady Bug And Japanese Beetle  

Lady bug is also called as the lady bird beetles and everyone knows them by the name of lady bugs. They are considered to be extremely helpful insects from an agriculture point of view.

There are nearly 400 species of them in North America, and they feed on 3 plants. Many of them actually feed on pests and aphids or scale insects that tend to infect crops and plants. Because of their helpful nature agriculturists release them in thousands into their fields so that they will clear off the harmful insects. The larvae and the adults of the species are predators of insects. They eat any kind of soft bodied insect available on the crops.

The Japanese beetle on the other hand is one of the most destructive species that one can find. In large numbers, they can damage an entire crop and they are found vastly in the North east and in states like Nebraska and Virginia. They emerge in the last week of July, and in the month of August. They are also pretty painful bugs to get rid off.

The Japanese beetle can be easily identified because of the beautiful color combinations like blue spots and orange under body. However, they are disliked by most agriculturists because of their destructive nature. The Japanese beetles originated in Japan. However, in Japan, they are not considered as such a big problem because there are several natural predators of the beetles present there. However, in America, the lack of natural predators causes their proliferation.

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Difference Between The Lady Bug And Japanese Beetle




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Difference Between The Lady Bug And Japanese Beetle )
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