Types Of Lady Beetles  

        There are many different varieties of lady beetles, also known as lady bugs, throughout the US. There are nearly 500 known types of lady beetles in the United States, and over five thousand in the entire world. Lady beetles come in different kinds of colors like bright red, yellow, gray, pink or black.More...

How To Get Rid Of Asian Lady Beetles ?

How To Get Rid Of Asian Lady Beetles

The Asian beetle originated in parts of Asia and comes in spotted colors. However, this particular beetle is now found in North America in large numbers. These beetles are beneficial for the garden because they mainly feed on aphids and insects. However, in large numbers, they may not be so good for the crops.More...


Life Cycle Of A Lady Beetle

Life Cycle Of A Lady Beetle

Lady beetles are a farmers and agriculturists favorite because they do a lot of good things for the crops. They rid the crop off insects and pests, and help in maintaining a healthy output from the crop. There are nearly four hundred and fifty species of lady beetles in North America. Some are indigenous to the continent, while others have come from abroad.More...


Where Do Asian Lady Beetles Hibernate ?

Where Do Asian Lady Beetles Hibernate

Lady beetles are also called lady bugs and ladybird beetles; and they are very familiar part of gardens in many regions of the US. Lady birds are beneficial for agriculture because they feed on aphids and insects that damage the crops. The farmers can help and control the insects in a natural way without having to depend on insecticides.More...





Garden Pest:

Difference-Between-The-Lady-Bug-And-Japanese-Beetle      Lady bug is also called as the lady bird beetles and everyone knows them by the name of lady bugs. They are considered to be extremely helpful insects from an agriculture point of view. More..




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