Benefits Of Ladybugs  

The lady beetles are also called lady bugs and ladybird beetles. There are thousands of varieties of lady bugs in the world. In the United States, there are nearly 400 species of lady bugs and 500 types of them. A lot of people love the lady bug for its appearance, the colors, and also it happens to feature in many comics and children’s books and cartoons.

The lady bugs are also loved by agriculturists and farmers because they bring about a lot of benefits for them. The lady bugs tend to feed on aphids, small insects and eggs of other insects. This way they keep the insect population under control and also prevent damage to the crop. The farmers do not have to depend on insecticides to prevent the harmful bugs from eating away the crops. So, the control happens naturally.

Also, the lady bugs tend to lay their eggs close to the aphids population, which are found in mounds under the leaf. The aphids also lay their eggs in mounds of sand or soil. These are not visible to the eye usually. The lady bugs are good at digging them out and feeding on them. The larvae that hatch out of the eggs immediately start feeding on the aphids and insect eggs. Some farmers release the lady bugs in to their crops so that they bring down the harmful insect population.

Lady bugs are most active in spring, and they are considered as the garden’s best friend. However, the only problem with them is when it is winter time they look for homes and structures to hibernate in.

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Benefits Of Ladybugs




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