Habitat For Ladybug  

Lady bugs are actually great as pets. They are very useful for gardeners and also act as a natural pest controlling measures. There are several insects and aphids that eat up the foliage in the gardens and agricultural fields. Ladybugs feed on these insects and keep the garden and crops free of damage. That way people do not have to use chemical ridden pesticides and insecticides.

In order to attract ladybugs, you need to make a habitat for them. If the habitat thrives, then the species will survive and will always safeguard the garden.

Ladybugs are easy to catch and they come in large numbers during summer months. Catch a few lady bugs and leave them close to plants that have aphids or insects on them. Inspect your garden by looking under the leaves. You will find aphids in groups under the leaves. Once the ladybugs find them under the leaves, they will lay their eggs close to the insects. So, when the ladybug larvae come out, they start feeding on the insects and the insect eggs immediately.

Ladybugs are very easy to maintain. All they need is their insects to feed, a little water and also sticks or branches so that they can climb up for shelter. Also, if there are stems that have insects on them, then leave them be because it is the perfect habitat for ladybugs.

Do not spray insecticides and pesticides and then release the lady bugs. These insecticides can be harmful for the ladybugs, and can end up killing them.

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Habitat For Ladybug




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