Mealy Bugs Control  

The best way to control the infestation of mealy bugs is to prevent them from coming rather than fighting them after infestation. A defensive mechanism is must at all odds. If the plants are robust and healthy, then they are not that susceptible to getting infested. Mealy bugs like to attack plants that are weak or poorly potted, for example. So, if you take extra care to make the plants healthy and fine, then mealy bugs may never come to infest the plants in your garden or greenhouse.

However If you already have them in your garden, then you can use some of these strategies as ways to control mealy bugs.

Keep checking the undersides of leaves, and if you find mealy bugs, then promptly remove them and discard them under running water. There are quite a few insecticidal soaps available in stores. You can get these by diluting them in water. The resultant solution can be applied on leaves. This way, the mealy bugs will not attach themselves to the leaves. However, one thing to keep in mind is that do not make a weak solution as this may not be effective.

Once the mealy bug crosses the early stages of its development, most of the pesticides do not work on them. The best strategies are to handpick and then discard them.
Neem oil is one of the types of oil that is very easy to obtain. It is also good for plants and effective in getting rid of mealy bugs. Neem has a pungent smell and can drive the bugs away. It also has many insecticidal qualities. Neem cakes also are very effective for getting rid of various types of bugs and insects, including mealy bugs.

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Mealy Bugs Control




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