Treatment For Mealy Bugs  

When you have plants in the garden or you brought new ones inside your house, you should always inspect them for bugs. There are several kinds of bugs that live on the plants. Mealy bugs are one such type of bugs that live on plants. Of course, the adult mealy bugs do not, but their larvae do.

When you turn over the leaves, you will easily spot these bugs. A thorough inspection frequently helps you to nip the problem in the bud. If you find mealy bugs fairly early in their development cycle, you can use some methods to control them.

Garden stores do sell yellow sticky traps that have pheromones. Mealy bugs get attracted to the smell and come to the trap. Once they stick onto the trap, you can take them out and run the bugs down the water. However, you have to lay out several traps and to do this you should have to not only inspect your entire garden, but also identify areas that are infested with mealy bugs.

Insecticidal soap and neem oil works wonders for the mealy bug control. You can use the insecticidal soap and clean the leaves. This will get rid of the mealy bugs. Then after a couple of days, you can apply neem oil on the under side of the leaves so that they are protected against any future infestation of mealy bugs. However, do not over do the soaps and oils as they can burn the leaves when it is hot outside.

Also, always make sure that the plants have been watered thoroughly before you plan on any treatment measure. Also, if the plant is wilted, then do not spray the insecticide or any insecticidal spray.

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Treatment For Mealy Bugs




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