Mealy Bugs Control  

        The best way to control the infestation of mealy bugs is to prevent them from coming rather than fighting them after infestation. A defensive mechanism is must at all odds. If the plants are robust and healthy, then they are not that susceptible to getting infested. Mealy bugs like to attack plants that are weak or poorly potted, for example. So, if you take extra care to make the plants healthy and fine, then mealy bugs may never come to infest the plants in your garden or greenhouse.More...

How To Get Rid Of Mealy Bugs ?

How To Get Rid Of Mealy Bugs

Mealy bugs are the biggest problems for ornamental plants. If you notice them on plants, you can perhaps use a pair of tweezers to pull them off. However, you will find quite a few mealy bugs in one place. These bugs are pretty destructive, and can cause a lot of damage to flowering plants. You can use pesticides ultimately to get rid of them if the problem is too much.More...


Mealy Bugs Life Cycle

Mealy Bugs Life Cycle

Have you ever seen a mealy bug? They are these cottony looking creatures that have mouths that can pierce and suck. They look like a plant scale, and they feed on leaves and stems. They take away all the important and essential nutrients from the plants.More...


Treatment For Mealy Bugs

Treatment For Mealy Bugs

When you have plants in the garden or you brought new ones inside your house, you should always inspect them for bugs. There are several kinds of bugs that live on the plants. Mealy bugs are one such type of bugs that live on plants. Of course, the adult mealy bugs do not, but their larvae do.More...





Garden Pest:

What-Are-Mealy-Bugs      Mealy bug is the frequently used name to identify scale insects that mostly live in moist and humid climates, and also warm climates. They eat greenhouse plants, and suck their juices. These bugs can also be found in houseplants and sub tropical plants. More..




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