Difference Between Spider Mites And Aphids  

Spider mites and aphids look the same. They both are insects that ingest food via a sucking action. Also, spider mites and aphids tend to attack both indoor and outdoor plants. However, at the same time there is a difference between spider mites and aphids.

There are several different problems when it comes to insects that affect the plants. However, if you are able to figure out the insect accurately, then you can always find the appropriate solution. Also, this helps in choosing the most effective treatment.

Aphids are visible to the eye even though they are very small to look at. They look somewhat like a plumper version of the ant. Aphids come in many different colors, and in spite of that, they are very easy to make out. They lay eggs on the back of the leaves and that is where they reside. When the larva hatches, it gets into the plant tissues and eats them up. Aphids usually do not have any wings and they have very soft bodies. Their bodies are almost transparent. They cannot digest the sugary liquid from the plant tissue. So, they excrete it out in the form of honey dew.

One the other hand, spider mites are spider like looking creatures which are quite small and they also infest the plants. Spider mites cannot be easily detected with the naked eye. They look like these tiny white dots and they have legs just like the spider. They weave silk threads around the leaves and then they feed on the tissue of the leaves. They infest plants in thousands, and they can take over the crop extremely quickly.

Remember, aphids only infect the immediate leaves and plants and they are rather slow in taking over.

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Difference Between Spider Mites And Aphids




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