Home Remedies For Spider Mites  

The good news is that if you have an infestation of spider mites in your garden, then there are quite a few home remedies for spider mites that you can use. However, the problem with the spider mites is that they infest in large numbers, and they can cause severe crop or garden damage very quickly. They tend to feed on all kinds of foliage without any reservations. They mainly feed on the nutrients available in the plant cells more than the tissue or the cells.

Whenever there is a spider mite infestation, the leaves will develop yellow and brown spots all over. You may even start noticing these silk like threads on the leaves. If you have a garden and have a lot of potted plants, then you can easily control the infestation. Isolate the plant that has spider mites, and rinse it off thoroughly under tap water. Prune the leaves and parts if the plants that look infested. Also, remove the top most layer of the soil and replace it with fresh layer of soil. This should itself get rid of a lot of spider mites.

If the spider mite infestation has spread out into your garden, then the best strategy is to mix some soap solution with water, and then fill the sprayer with it. Also mix one tablespoon of vegetable oil. Make sure you shake the mixture well before spraying it on the plants. Spray the garden thoroughly. Also, apply alcohol on the leaves of the plants if necessary. Spray all the parts of the plant right from the bottom to the top. Check the plants after a couple of days and repeat the process if necessary.

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Home Remedies For Spider Mites




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