Spider Mites On Plants  

Spider mites are actually one of the most common problems with plants and trees. Spider mites are soft white colored spider-like pests that infest plants. They start making holes into leaves and then they suck out all the nutrients from the plants. Spider mites also protect themselves from predators by spinning a web around the leaf with silk threads.

Spider mites suck out the plant nutrients, but they cannot digest the sugars. So, they give out something called the honey dew. When the leaf of the plant is robbed of its nutrients, then it can be extremely damaging to the health of the plant.

Just by looking at a plant it is very difficult to say if it has a spider mite infestation. The best thing to do is to take a close look at the leaves of the plant. A thorough inspection is always necessary if you want a healthy garden. When you inspect the garden, you will find the various types of infestation and will be able to treat it in the correct fashion. Getting the right remedy is the key to maintaining the perfect garden. Spider mites on plants can be devastating for the garden itself. The mites are not visible easily in light. Also, the kind of damage they can cause is quick paced.

The leaves become discolored and develop a bronze or grey color. They fall off the plant. If you notice leaves turning grey or bronze and falling off naturally around a plant, try isolating the plant and then treating it.

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Spider Mites On Plants




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