Best Way To Kill Spider Mites  

        Spider mites are the common garden insects that are found on the under side of leaves usually. The mites display some spider-like qualities. They spin a silk casing around the leaf they are living on. Then they start boring holes into the leaves and feeding on the tissue. So, the most apparent indication of having an infestation of spider mites is that you will find yellow and brown dots and the presence of silk cocoons on the leaves.More...


Difference Between Spider Mites And Aphids

Difference Between Spider Mites And Aphids

Spider mites and aphids look the same. They both are insects that ingest food via a sucking action. Also, spider mites and aphids tend to attack both indoor and outdoor plants. However, at the same time there is a difference between spider mites and aphids.More...


Spider Mites On Plants

Spider Mites On Plants

Spider mites are actually one of the most common problems with plants and trees. Spider mites are soft white colored spider-like pests that infest plants. They start making holes into leaves and then they suck out all the nutrients from the plants. Spider mites also protect themselves from predators by spinning a web around the leaf with silk threads.More...


What Are Spider Mites ?

What Are Spider Mites

Spider mites are one of the types of insects that infest gardens and crops. Spider mites are very similar to aphids in appearance and behavior. They are small and white creatures with soft bodies. They mainly suck the nutrients out of the plants and cause damage to them. The damage can be quite substantial.More...


What Do Spider Mites Look Like ?

What Do Spider Mites Look Like

Spider mites are from the family of arachnids. They are extremely small and it is quite difficult to spot them with the naked eye. They can be less than one millimeter in size.More...






Garden Pest:

What-Does-A-Red-Spider-Mite-Look-Like      Red spider mites are small insects that crawl, and they have no wings. They belong to the family of arachnids, and even the house spider belongs to the same family. A red spider mite has nearly six to eight legs, depending on developmental stage the mite is in. It is also too small to be visible to the naked eye. More..




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