How To Clean And Garden Tools ?

How To Clean And Garden Tools ?

Gardening tools need to be stored and used with proper care to ensure that they last longer and remain efficient for years together. Also, the tools are not really cheap enough to replace often.

The first step to care for your tool is to clean it every time you use it. You can just remove the dirt and debris by spraying water. Then dry them thoroughly with a dirty rag.

At least twice or thrice a year, schedule maintenance of your tools. Soak the tools for at least half an hour in a tub of hot soapy water and rinse it. Use commercial cleaning solutions or add concentrated bleaching solution to remove the stubborn dirt and oil that is sticking on to the tool. You can use brushes with strong bristles to clean the dirt.

Wear hand gloves and cover your mouth and nose during this process. It is also advisable to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.

After leaving the tool to dry thoroughly, dip a dry rag cloth in a lubricant solution and apply in on the blades, chain, or head of the tool to prevent corrosion of the metal. Remove splinters or rough spots on the wooden parts of your tool and apply linseed oil on the wood to prevent rotting or further splintering when you store the tools in your garage or utility shelf.

Keep the tools away from direct sunlight and store it in a dry place, absolutely free of moisture. In case you are not going to use the tool for a few months, you can disassemble the tool before storing it.

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How To Clean And Garden Tools ?