History of the hatchet - How to use a hatchet ?

How To Use A Hatchet ?

Imagine those days when people had to bring their own logs and cut them into shapes for utilizing in their fireplace! We are far better off than them. In present day, getting readymade logs for your fireplace is just not a matter of concern. Thanks to our ancestors who have invented things that we use comfortably now. But, what happens when although you have the wood ready for your fire place, but to your dismay the pieces are a little big in size and you need to cut them to fit in your fireplace properly?

Well, a hatchet will come quite handy in such a case. Having a hatchet in your house will prove quite useful for you in many ways. Many of you must be having one already, but alas you do not know how to use it.More...



History Of The Hatchet

History Of The Hatchet

Hatchet consists of one single blade that is used for cutting wood. The origin of the hatchet is from the French word hachette or hache that implies an axe. Over a period of time, the instrument hatchet that was primarily used for cutting wood has gone through various modifications. Some of the hatchets also have an additional hammer shape of thing attached to it which can be even used for hitting an object.

Hatchet and an axe resemble in many ways except that a hatchet has a shorter handle compared to an axe and the size of the blade is thinner as compared to an axe. Well, hatchet itself does not have any significant history attached to it. However, since the word has been derived from an axe, therefore it shares its history and origin with an axe.More...