Soil Reqirements For Herb Gardening In Containers  

Herbs are easiest to grow in containers like terracotta pots and trenches. They also look good and you can use them as a show piece. An herb garden is a wonderful thing to have and there is nothing like plucking the leaves fresh off a container and using them for cooking. The food tastes all the more better. Several cooks will swear by the fresh flavor herbs can lend.

First of all determine the type of herbs to grow. Some of the herbs that are easy to grow by the windowsill are mint, cilantro, parsley, and some other green leaves.

Choose a fairly medium sized container and try to keep one herb in one pot. Do not mix them up in one single pot. When you prepare the soil, be sure to mix a little fertilizer. The herbs do not need a lot of feed to grow actually but they need healthy soil.

Select the container sensibly and make sure it has drainage. Herbs are not good with stored water and tend to rot. Try to avoid organic fertilizers as they will stink and use very little of chemical fertilizers in the pot. Organic for indoor plants is always a bad idea. Herbs need water as they tend to dry out faster. If you do not pour water one day, you will find them almost dead in the following morning. However, even excess water can kill them, and that is why you need proper drainage for plants. When it is raining, it is better to keep your plants indoor; and when it is sunny, keep them out.

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Soil Reqirements For Herb Gardening In Containers




Herb-And-Vegetable-Gardening-Basics      Gardening can be a fun activity whether you are growing flowers or herbs or vegetables. Growing your own herbs that you can use in your daily cooking is not at all a bad idea. Everybody uses some amount of mint or cilantro in their everyday cooking. If you do not use then you should look up some recipes. However, growing cilantro, parsley or mint in your own backyard or by your windowsill does not take much of effort. Also, these plants prove to be extremely useful and healthful. More..




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Soil Reqirements For Herb Gardening In Containers )
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