Is A Banana A Herb ?  

Banana is a fruit and not an herb. Banana grows on a tree and the trees are pretty large so there is no way that banana can be considered as an herb. Another thing is banana is not used in cooking and it is only added in cakes and desserts as toppings. Banana cannot be cooked further as it already comes in a ripe form. In some countries like Thailand and India people do cook raw bananas, but they consume the fruit as a whole.

Herbs and spices are very different from fruits. First of all, they are used in small quantities so that they add flavor to the food that we are cooking. Herbs and spices are very rich in flavor and they lend that additional taste to the food that we cook. Banana is a fruit that can be eaten by plucking and it is just sweet. It is high in sugars and that is why a sweet fruit to eat is. Banana cannot lend any taste or spice to the food that we cook.

Herbs are plants that are characterized as small shrubs and banana plant is very tall and huge. There is a clear demarcation between a fruit like banana and the various herbs. Herbs also mean leaves mainly. However, shallots, onions and garlic which are not exactly leaves are also considered as herbs. That is because of their curative properties. Most of the herbs are used in medications however banana has no curative properties but is rich in vitamins and minerals.

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Is A Banana A Herb




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