List Of Bitter Herbs  

Herbs have great flavor and they offer the same to the foods that we cook if they are added in the end. Herbs carry different tastes and some can be very sweet or bitter. For example, herbs like chamomile can carry a very light and gentle taste and flavor to it. Some of the herbs, like rue, can be very harsh.

Cinnamon is one of the herbs which carry a very strong taste and smell, but if used in excess, cinnamon can lend a bitter taste. Pepper mint also falls under the same category where too much of it can get very bitter. Otherwise it is a very cooling and sweet smelling herb. Bitter herbs are always used in medications because they contain more medicinal properties. Also, ancient physicians believed that bitter taste was good for health.

Bitter herbs help in controlling or curing the physiological reactions of the body and they work like an astringent or a relaxant, a tonic or a cleanser. They can cure digestion disorders and also throat infections. They give a soothing effect when required. Some of the bitter herbs are also used for stimulating the appetitive and help in digestion. Some of the purposes for which bitter medications are used are to relax muscle aches, remove gas if stuck in the intestines and also breaking down of fats. They also help in toning the liver.

Some of the bitter herbs that we all might know are angelica, chamomile, dandelion, goldenseal, horehound, milk thistle, peppermint, ginger, yarrow, wormwood, and rue.

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List Of Bitter Herbs




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