How To Grow Allspice ?

How To Grow Allspice ?

Allspice is also referred by the scientific name of Pimento dioica. However, the more common name for it is Jamaican pepper. Though it shares several of its qualities with pepper, it does not look or taste like black pepper corns.

The allspice tree is a short bushy tree that grows like a canopy and it produces purple colored berries. The entire allspice tree, including the bark, leaves and stems, have a sweet fragrance. The allspice tree grows well in tropical and subtropical climate zones. It can tolerate a mild frost but the temperature should not go under 26 degrees F.

The best way to start growing an all spice tree is to buy a smaller plant from a nursery or a gardening store. Growing it from the seed is not a very good idea as it has to have the ideal temperature and conditions to grow into a plant.

Place the allspice plant in ample sun light. If it is winters, it is best to keep the plant indoors under lighting. If there is sunlight outdoors, then do not hesitate to make use of it. The plant needs plenty of sunlight to grow in the initial months at least. When you get it from the nursery, it would be a small plant. But soon enough it starts growing and you should be ready top transfer it to a bigger pot. Feed the allspice plant with plant food every 30 days. You can mix it up in the soil and leave it. See that the soil is well aired out. 

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How To Grow Allspice