What Is In Allspice ?  

Typically a spice is the leaves, fruit, bark, or seeds of a plant that is used for flavoring food and also used to prepare some medications. A spice is rich in its qualities and has several medicinal values. Allspice is also a special spice that is very rich in its fragrance and also adds rich flavor to the food.More...

How To Grow Allspice ?

How To Grow Allspice

Allspice is also referred by the scientific name of Pimento dioica. However, the more common name for it is Jamaican pepper. Though it shares several of its qualities with pepper, it does not look or taste like black pepper corns.More...



How To Use Allspice ?

How To Use Allspice

Allspice is a spice as the name suggests and it can be used to flavor a range of dishes and gravies. Allspice looks like a flower, but it is closely related to pepper. It is one of the main ingredients in Jamaican cooking. Several Caribbean food items have allspice in it, and if you have always been wondering what the unique taste is, then it is from allspice.More...



Substitution For Allspice

Substitution For Allspice

Allspice is a special spice because of its aroma and sweet smelling nature. There are not really any substitutes that you can use for this particular spice. People who use allspice in their cooking would know how valuable it is for its fragrance. Allspice is actually not so easy to get and it mostly grows in tropical climates. However, people who know recipes that use allspice have realized that the dishes have great taste.More...



Allspice Ingredients

Allspice Ingredients

Among all the spices, allspice is a special one. It is rich in its fragrance and also adds an unmatched flavor to the food that is being cooked. Allspice is also called the Jamaica pepper and myrtle pepper. Some of the other names of all spice are Kurundu and Pimenta. Allspice is one of the main ingredients in Jamaican cuisine.More...







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