How To Cook Chicory ?

How To Cook Chicory ?

Chicory leaves are also used as leafy vegetables and cooked in some parts of the world. The chicory root has a juicy texture and can be bitter in taste at times. But it is a mixture of sweet and bitter taste almost like bitter sweet chocolate. In fact, chicory is used in coffee, soft drink and chocolate making industries.

Chicory is very rich in vitamins A, C, and K. It also is rich in minerals like calcium and potassium. Chicory can actually be served raw as a part of salad. It is also sturdy so holds good amount of dips. Chicory leaves taste very good with any type of Ranch like Thousand Island Ranch and so many more. It also goes very well with side dishes like melted cheese.

Chicory can also be cooked along with some pulses or simply cooked by mincing onions and shallots. All you will need is some olive oil and add in salt and tomatoes along with onions and the chicory leaves. It will make a great side dish to go along with breads. Having chicory occasionally is quite good for health. However, chicory does not suit everybody and some people may develop constipation. Not many people know that they can have chicory roots in cooked or raw form. It is not much used in salads either. However, some specialty salad recipes do call for chicory leaves. It is not widely sold either. Only in areas where it is grown one might occasionally find chicory leaves on sale in a farmers market for example. 

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How To Cook Chicory