Can Peppermint Get Rid Of Mice ?  

When you have rodents crawling over your house it could be scary and also the most irritating thing. Mice are pretty destructive and they chew up everything you find. However, most people use mice killing medications and rather get rid of them by killing it. However, these mice killing medications are poisonous and they are not advised when you have kids and pets around in your house. Also, the mice can get killed using these medications but you will never find them and they end up stinking up the whole house.More...


How To Make Poppy Seed Tea ?

How To Make Poppy Seed Tea

Poppy seeds are widely used in culinary recipes and it is also used to make tea. In order to make tea with poppy seeds, one can add the seeds in a pan of water and let it boil. Keep boiling the water until it is half used up. Then you can strain the seeds and begin the boiling again. The brew will become a dark colored concoction. You can add sugar to this concoction and have it as a tea.More...


What Is In Allspice ?

What Is In Allspice

Typically a spice is the leaves, fruit, bark, or seeds of a plant that is used for flavoring food and also used to prepare some medications. A spice is rich in its qualities and has several medicinal values. Allspice is also a special spice that is very rich in its fragrance and also adds rich flavor to the food.More...


Can You Eat Bay Leaves ?

Can You Eat Bay Leaves

Bay leaf is an herb that is used in cooking by various cultures. It belongs to the laurel family and is grown extensively across America and Europe. It is used to garnish soups, meat dishes, stews and also Mediterranean way of making rice. Even Indians use it to garnish rice in a special preparation known as Biryani.More...


Chicory Root Uses

Chicory Root Uses

Chicory root is mainly used as a mixture in coffee. It makes the coffee smooth and also enhances the flavor and taste. Chicory and chicory roots are herbs and are generally considered good for health. They have various health benefits to offer like they carry antioxidants, have Vitamin C and also can remove toxins in the body.More...


Benefits Of Organic Lemon Balm Oil

What Is Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a native of Europe however it is being grown all over the world today. The lemon balm tree gives out small white flowers and is also cultivated in gardens. Several landscape architects use them. The leaves, flowers, bark and stems of the plant are used for medicinal purposes.More...


List Of Bitter Herbs

List Of Bitter Herbs

Herbs have great flavor and they offer the same to the foods that we cook if they are added in the end. Herbs carry different tastes and some can be very sweet or bitter. For example, herbs like chamomile can carry a very light and gentle taste and flavor to it. Some of the herbs, like rue, can be very harsh.More...





Is-A-Banana-A-Herb      Banana is a fruit and not an herb. Banana grows on a tree and the trees are pretty large so there is no way that banana can be considered as an herb. Another thing is banana is not used in cooking and it is only added in cakes and desserts as toppings. Banana cannot be cooked further as it already comes in a ripe form. In some countries like Thailand and India people do cook raw bananas, but they consume the fruit as a whole. More..




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