Growing Lemon Balm  

Lemon balm plant is a native of Europe. It belongs to the mint family and also has a mild aroma just like lemon. Lemon balm is often used as a fragrance ingredient in dishwashing liquids and some varieties of polishes. Lemon balm plant needs fertile soil and lots of shade to grow.

Lemon balm is a very invasive plant and can take over your garden very quickly. In order to keep it under control, you need to trim it frequently. One more way of controlling the plant from growing excessively is to keep it in a submerged pot. When the weather is hot, it needs to be kept moist. Lemon balm is a perennial plant and can give out flowers throughout the year. You can choose to grow the plant indoors or outdoors.

Lemon balms are easier to propagate as a plant than growing it from a seed. If you plan to grow it from a seed, then see that it is germinated indoors. By growing a lemon balm plant indoors you can keep the air fresh and smelling light through out the year. Before you get started, use good potting soil and also good fertilizer. The lemon balm tree needs excessively fertile soil to grow. So make sure that you keep changing the soil and also that it is maintained at fertile levels. The soil in the pot should also be well aired out so that the plant grows well. If you plan to harvest lemon balm then make sure it is packaged in air tight containers.

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Growing Lemon Balm




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