What Is Lemon Balm ?

What Is Lemon Balm ?

Lemon Balm is an herb that belongs to the mint family. The scientific name of lemon balm is Melissa officianalis. Lemon balm is an ancient plant and people have been suing it for as much as five thousand years now.

Lemon balm was mainly used for medicinal purposes to reduce colic pains in babies, to heal minor cuts and scrapes. It was also used to reduce the effects of disorders like stress and anxiety. Lemon balm cures insomnia, increases digestion and improves the appetite and it also cures some respiratory disorders. Lemon balm was also used as an antidote to lift up the spirits and it was also used in the cure of depression. Lemon balm has been considered as an herb for its medicinal purposes. However, people use it in perfumes, in dishwashing liquids and also in the making of some perfumes. In some countries, people have lemon balm tea as it is a relaxant. Just like any other herb the lemon balm’s leaves, stems and flowers are used in medicinal preparations.

However, scientists have found that lemon balm can also have side effects if taken along with some other medications. So one has to be careful in using this particular herb and it is better to use it after consultations always. Lemon balm grows widely in the Mediterranean region and European countries. However, it is now being grown all over the world. Lemon balm needs a temperate climate to grow properly and also it needs shade. Too much sun can kill the plant and that is why it cannot be grown in tropical climates. 

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What Is Lemon Balm