What To Do With Lemon Balm ?

What To Do With Lemon Balm ?

Lemon balm is an indigenous plant of southern part of Europe and northern parts of Africa. The plant is being cultivated for several thousands of years and in these parts it just grows wild now. Lemon balm is an herb actually and belongs to the mint family of plants.

The stems, leaves and the flowers of the plant are used in medicinal preparations. Just like mint and lemon even lemon balm has a sweet smell. Just having the plant indoors can act like an effective room freshener. Various cultures use lemon balm for different curative purposes. Because of its mild nature, the plant is used to cure the colic pains in babies. It is also taken in the form of tea because it has and instant effect as a mood booster. It relaxes the nerves and has a calming effect on the mind. Some cultures used lemon balm in curing insomnia and depression disorders. Lemon balm causes drowsiness on consumption.

It also has a cooling effect just like mint and is used to treat minor cuts, burns and scrapes. Lemon balm has a citrus flavor and always a fresh scent. It can be easily grown in areas where the weather is mild. Fresh leaves of lemon balm can be harvested and stored in the fridge. One can use it often to make tea or mix it with essential oils to make a balm. Lemon balm cal also is used in cooking for flavoring soups and some other gravy dishes. Lemon balm leaves can also be used for making potpourri and you can store it in your clothes and drawers.

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What To Do With Lemon Balm