How To Make Poppy Seed Tea ?

How To Make Poppy Seed Tea ?

Poppy seeds are widely used in culinary recipes and it is also used to make tea. In order to make tea with poppy seeds, one can add the seeds in a pan of water and let it boil. Keep boiling the water until it is half used up. Then you can strain the seeds and begin the boiling again. The brew will become a dark colored concoction. You can add sugar to this concoction and have it as a tea.

Poppy tea can be also extracted using cold water. Soak the desired amount of poppy seeds in cold or hot water and leave it be.

Poppy has an opium effect on your mind. It can cause drowsiness and also make you feel good. It can also make you feel good just like opium would do, it causes a sense of euphoria and a person who has poppy tea instantly feels happy and also a bit sedated. A person can have poppy tea if they are having lot of aches and pains, or if they have been completely stressed out.

However, one should not have excessive amounts of poppy tea. Just like excessive marijuana or coke would harm you, even poppy seeds can affect you in the same way. Poppy is used for medicinal purposes mainly in sedatives and painkillers. That is why it should mildly and in moderate amounts Poppy is not know to cause any type of addiction to people who consume it on a regular basis.

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How To Make Poppy Seed Tea