When To Plant Poppy Seeds ?

When To Plant Poppy Seeds ?

If you want to grow a poppy plant, it is mostly for ornamental reasons. Poppy flowers are very pretty to look at and they decorate your garden well. Poppy flowers come in brilliant colors and they make very good decoration for your garden. Poppy plants are also fairly easy to grow. Poppy needs a lot of sun light and loosely packed soil. It also needs regular watering in order to grow well.

Poppy flowers can also bloom throughout the year, so you will always have flowers in your garden. The best time to plant poppy seeds is in spring or early fall. At that time the plant grows in full strength and also makes a great fall show in your garden. Most gardeners choose poppy by default because of their vibrant colors.

When you are planting poppy seeds, make sure that the seeds are planted a few inches apart. Once the seedlings sprout, you can then transplant the plants once they grow a bit taller. Also, make sure while planting the poppy seeds that you do not cover them after sowing it in. poppy needs the light to germinate and by covering them you will only kill the seeds. So be extra careful not to cover the seeds with the soil. Also, do not water the seeds much when they are freshly planted. Poppy seeds take as much as 15 days to germinate. So give it some time. if the soil looks to dry in the mean time then very gently sprinkle the water on the top of the patch. 

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When To Plant Poppy Seeds