When To Plant Poppy Seeds ?  

If you want to grow a poppy plant, it is mostly for ornamental reasons. Poppy flowers are very pretty to look at and they decorate your garden well. Poppy flowers come in brilliant colors and they make very good decoration for your garden. Poppy plants are also fairly easy to grow. Poppy needs a lot of sun light and loosely packed soil. It also needs regular watering in order to grow well.More...

What Do Poppy Seeds Look Like ?

What Do Poppy Seeds Look Like

Poppy is one of the flowering plants and also poppy seeds are used for various purposes. Poppy flowers look very cute and they are small and colorful. Poppy seeds come in various varieties and some are even used to make opium.More...



Growing Poppy Seeds

Growing Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds are small wheatish colored seeds that are used for culinary purposes and also extracting oil. One of the varieties of poppy also produces opium. Also, poppies are very easy plants to grow from the seeds and they give out beautiful colorful flowers.More...



How To Make Poppy Seed Tea ?

How To Make Poppy Seed Tea

Poppy seeds are widely used in culinary recipes and it is also used to make tea. In order to make tea with poppy seeds, one can add the seeds in a pan of water and let it boil. Keep boiling the water until it is half used up. Then you can strain the seeds and begin the boiling again. The brew will become a dark colored concoction. You can add sugar to this concoction and have it as a tea.More...



Information About Poppy Seed In Cooking

Information About Poppy Seed In Cooking

Poppy seed is widely used in culinary purposes for various kinds of cooking. Poppy seeds are extremely small and they are harvested and ripened from the opium poppy plant. Usually in order to use it in culinary recipes people roast poppy seeds in a pan and then use them. They can be made into a thick paste and then added to the dish that is being prepared. It is used widely in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. It is also one of the famous and main ingredients in Hummus.More...







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