Herbal Medicine To Treat Hypothyroid  

Hypothyroid is one of the most difficult health conditions to have because it causes several detrimental effects on the body. It is caused either by the hyper active thyroid gland or by the inactive thyroid gland. Hypothyroid often causes depression, increases the levels of stress, increases heart disorders risk and also causes obesity in a person.

More often than not, there is no remedy in allopathic medications for any kind of thyroid disorder. Alternative medicines like herbal medications claim to have some treatments for this disorder and several people who have used them claim that they feel that herbal medications are much more effective. They bring down the symptoms of thyroid and also help to keep their weight under control.

At least 2.5 percent of the American population suffers from thyroid and very few people have the knowledge of herbal medications and their effectiveness. However, one should always ask their doctor if they could take herbal medications alternatively. Usually herbal medications can be taken along with the regular medication and also they speed up the recovery. They do not have any side effects and do not interfere with other medications. In conventional medications, doctors believe that thyroid is an autoimmune disorder but in Chinese medicine the diagnosis of thyroid is done completely different. Chinese medicine diagnoses health problem based on the energy flow. In conventional medicine the patients are given thyroxin and in Chinese herbal medications, they are given a combination of medications that bring down the salt in the body.

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Medicinal Herbs :
•Aloe Vera •Arnica •Artichoke •Asparagus
•Barberry • Basil •Bean •Bindweed
•Buckwheat •Castor Oil •Chamomile • Cider
•Clover •Dandelion •Fennel •Fern
•Garlic •Gentian •Ginseng •Horseradish
•Hot Pepper •Iris •Lavender •Marjoram
•Milk Thistle •Mistletoe •Mullein •Mustard
•Nettle •Onion •Peach •Pumpin
•Rosemary •Sea Buckthorn •Soy •Thyme
•Wheat •Wormwood    


Herbal Medicine To Treat Hypothyroid




Herbs-For-Congestive-Heart-Failure-In-Dogs      Herbal medications are very effective and also the advantages of using them are that they do not have any side effects. They are easily absorbed by the body and also work more effectively in their natural form. Herbs are not only effective on humans, but also on animals. More..




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Herbal Medicine To Treat Hypothyroid )
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