Herbs That Make You Feel Good  

Most of us suffer from common conditions like stress, anxiety and depression. There are very few people who can be cool headed and not get stressed out over trivial things. Even anger is a form of stress and so is depression. The main reason for stress is our food and dietary habits along with our lifestyles.

Stress on a continued basis of time can lead to depression and there are several people who suffer from chronic depression which again leads to various other complicated problems.

An easy way to relieve stress is to have a healthy lifestyle and also there are some herbal medications that help to relieve stress on a daily basis. You may not necessarily take these herbs as medication but you can also add these herbs to your everyday food. Herbs mainly detoxify the body and when a person does not have any toxins in the body they will not have any problems including they are not prone to cancer. Some herbs also act as mood boosters and make you feel good. One of the classic examples in marijuana. When taken in moderation, it can actually cure mental disorders. However, excessive marijuana only causes addiction, but it is an efficient mood booster.

People who suffer from depression need mood boosters and basically need something that has oxycontin in them. Several herbs contain oxycontin in a natural form like vanilla, cinnamon, honey, lemon, cypress, rosemary and thyme. A tea made out of chamomile can act as a mood booster. 

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Medicinal Herbs :
•Aloe Vera •Arnica •Artichoke •Asparagus
•Barberry • Basil •Bean •Bindweed
•Buckwheat •Castor Oil •Chamomile • Cider
•Clover •Dandelion •Fennel •Fern
•Garlic •Gentian •Ginseng •Horseradish
•Hot Pepper •Iris •Lavender •Marjoram
•Milk Thistle •Mistletoe •Mullein •Mustard
•Nettle •Onion •Peach •Pumpin
•Rosemary •Sea Buckthorn •Soy •Thyme
•Wheat •Wormwood    


Herbs That Make You Feel Good




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