Medicinal Plants From The Rainforest

Medicinal Plants From The Rainforest

A huge variety of medicinal plants can be found in the rainforest. According to a recent estimate, over 5,000 different species of medicinal herbs and plants exist at present in rainforests across the world. These plants have been in common use by healers, shamans and other tribal people who inhabit these areas for over thousands of years.

Of late, professionals of conventional medicine have also started to learn about the medicinal properties and uses of these rainforest plants. Some of the most popular medicinal plants from rainforests are as follows:

Uncaria tomentose: Popularly known as the ‘Cat’s Claw’, this plant is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The extract from its roots and bark is highly effective in alleviating the pain caused in rheumatoid arthritis. This plant is most commonly found in the Amazon rainforests of Central America and S. America.

Quebra pedra: Also known as ‘Stone Breaker’, this 1-foot tall plant is found in Amazon rainforests, Brazil, and other tropical rainforest regions across the globe. It is very effective against bladder problem. It is also used to lower the blood sugar and cholesterol levels and is very effective against fever and high B.P.

Myrcia salicifolia: Also called ‘Insulina vegetal’, this rainforest plant found in the Amazon is extensively used nowadays to treat diabetes.

Mirabilis Jalapa: Also referred to as ‘Clavillia’, this medicinal herb can be found easily in the rainforests of India, Latin America, South America, and France. It tuberous roots function as a great laxative to treat chronic constipation and other digestive tract problems. The plant extract is also very useful against fungal, viral, parasitic, or bacterial infections.

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Medicinal Herbs :
•Aloe Vera •Arnica •Artichoke •Asparagus
•Barberry • Basil •Bean •Bindweed
•Buckwheat •Castor Oil •Chamomile • Cider
•Clover •Dandelion •Fennel •Fern
•Garlic •Gentian •Ginseng •Horseradish
•Hot Pepper •Iris •Lavender •Marjoram
•Milk Thistle •Mistletoe •Mullein •Mustard
•Nettle •Onion •Peach •Pumpin
•Rosemary •Sea Buckthorn •Soy •Thyme
•Wheat •Wormwood    


Medicinal Plants From The Rainforest