Arnica And Arthritis

Arnica And Arthritis

Arnica belongs to the family of sunflower. This European flower has gained lot of popularity in the treatment of arthritis. This flower can be either used topically or can be taken orally. The name ‘Arnica’ has been picked up from the Greek word ‘lamb’ which means hairy or ‘arna’.

Arnica is available in many varieties, but the most commonly used one is Arnica Montana. This contains a chemical known as helenalin. This chemical can prove to be toxic if consumed in larger quantities but if taken in minute quantity it can be a wonderful tool for treatment of inflammation of joints and for healing the skin bruises. Another important chemical in arnica plants root is thymol which is known for its antifungal actions. Its effectiveness in treating inflammation is still under the process of study by scientists.

One of the major findings related to effectiveness of arnica has been its utility in stimulating the flow of blood. This helps in preventing the build up of fluids in the joints as well as the skin. It not only helps to relieve the person from pain but also assists in natural healing procedure.

Since arnica is toxic. Hence, one should be careful that it is not consumed directly. If ingested orally, it can cause serious complications in the stomach.

Getting arnica is not very difficult. One can avail it from any medical store. It is mostly found in ointment form which can be easily applied in the affected area to get relief from pain and swelling. One may apply it as many times but ensure to wash hands immediately after use. This ointment should not be applied in an area where the skin has an open wound or sores.

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Arnica And Arthritis