How To Cook An Artichoke ?

How To Cook An Artichoke ?

Artichokes are wonderful vegetables that have excellent remedy for cardiovascular diseases. The most useful part is the closed flower bud of artichoke plant that resembles a thistle. Artichoke flowers bloom throughout the year, with peak time during March and May.

Cooking artichokes requires special technique that not only adds to its taste, but also derives the maximum benefit out of it. Given below are the tips of cooking artichokes.

  • Clean the artichoke vegetable thoroughly by dipping it completely in warm water. Rinse it properly to remove all kind of dirt and unwanted substances.
  • Once you have cleaned it thoroughly, the next step is to prepare the artichokes. Cut the stem from the bottom using a sharp knife and cutting board. The bottom of the stem should be cut in a manner that it can sit straight in the utensil for cooking.
  • The outer leaves must be removed as these are not good for eating due to hardness.
  • The top portion of the artichoke should be cut off approximately an inch with the help of a knife.
  • The rest of leaves, those of which are not hard, can be cut with the help of scissors. The spikes of the leaves should be removed.
  • Now, gently place all the items that have been cut inside the utensil beside each other in a single layer. Add water, about four inches, along with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Boil the water.
  • Once the water starts boiling, add the artichokes and simmer for approximately thirty minutes. Once the artichokes are cooked well drain out the excess water and then serve it with butter and lemon juice.

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How To Cook An Artichoke