How To Peel An Artichoke ?

How To Peel An Artichoke ?

Artichoke adds sumptuous taste to any dish. One can choose either the canned artichokes that are available all the time, or the fresh ones that are better quality wise. Artichokes are pretty easy to cut, but the peeling is a little difficult due to its hard outer leaves. The peels can be consumed provided these are slices off in smaller sizes and the bumpy areas are removed using a vegetable peeler. When you decide to eat them cooked, you will find it comparatively simpler to boil, steam or microwave them fully and then peel it.

There are many people who knows the usefulness of artichokes but avoid eating them because they simply do not know how to peel them. For those of you, who are interested in experimenting with new kinds of vegetables in the kitchen, the steps given below will teach you an easy method of peeling artichokes.

Remember to choose an artichoke that is ripe. First of all wash the complete artichoke with cold water. Once done, again clean it thoroughly with warm water by dipping the vegetable completely. Immersing in water will help in removing the dirt and debris that get accumulated in the leaves. Cut the stem fully till the bottom of the artichoke. The leaves that are either brown or yellow should be removed. While handling artichokes, be careful as they tend to bruise due to the presence of thorns.

For those who wish to eat the inside meat of the artichoke, proper peeling is must and those who want to eat the full vegetable peeling only the outer hard covering is necessary.

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How To Peel An Artichoke