How To Prepare Artichoke ?  

Artichoke plants have descended from the Mediterranean culture. It is one of the most useful vegetables that contains no fat and possess high calorie. Artichokes appeared in Italy through the Norman kitchen gardens of the twelfth century Sicily.

Generally, people like to eat the flesh of this vegetable which is found in between the leaves at the base of the plant. Many term it as the foundation or the heart of the plant. This part can be seen once the plant is peeled off well to remove the hairy leaves.

Select an artichoke that is ripe and feels little heavy. Notice for the bracts, these should be closed and when you touch them it should just begin to separate. Inspect the vegetable closely and look for small holes. If you see these holes, then it is a sign for worm destruction.Simply avoid these ones. The brown splotches can be utilized as these are just frost damage indications. You can store artichokes in a plastic bag inside the refrigerator for about five days only.

Well, you may find preparing artichoke quite laborious but it is worth doing as the case with a lobster. The best way to make your job easier is to boil, steam or just microwave the artichoke initially. Cut the stem from top to bottom. Remove the bracts till the base. The flesh inside the bracts is edible. When you peel the green bracts, they can be discarded. After the artichoke is cut, it may appear black. To prevent this, dip the base heart of artichoke in lemon juice or vinegar.

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How To Prepare Artichoke




Artichoke-And-Heart-Nutrition      The Mediterranean region is one of the areas in the world which reports lowest chronic diseases and highest life expectancies. Artichokes are found mostly in this region. Mediterranean cuisine specializes in artichokes, vegetables, fruits and very little saturated fat. This is perhaps the reason for lowest chronic disease incidents in this region. More..




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