Artichoke Benefits  

Scientifically known as Cynara cardunculus, artichoke plants are one of the largest herbs that originated from Ethiopia, and presently these are being cultivated in many other continents. Artichokes were brought to the U.S in the seventeenth century by the European discoverers.More...

Artichoke And Heart Nutrition

Artichoke And Heart Nutrition

The Mediterranean region is one of the areas in the world which reports lowest chronic diseases and highest life expectancies. Artichokes are found mostly in this region. Mediterranean cuisine specializes in artichokes, vegetables, fruits and very little saturated fat. This is perhaps the reason for lowest chronic disease incidents in this region.More...


Artichoke Growing

Artichoke Growing

Artichoke thrives quite well in Castroville, California. But, then it does not mean one cannot grow them anywhere else. With a little care and knowledge one can grow them in their own gardens. You may choose to buy these plants from a nursery and plant them straight ahead, or you may begin with seeds just eight to twelve weeks before the previous spring frost.More...


How To Prepare Artichoke ?

How To Prepare Artichoke

Artichoke plants have descended from the Mediterranean culture. It is one of the most useful vegetables that contains no fat and possess high calorie. Artichokes appeared in Italy through the Norman kitchen gardens of the twelfth century Sicily.More...


How To Cook An Artichoke ?

How To Cook An Artichoke

Artichokes are wonderful vegetables that have excellent remedy for cardiovascular diseases. The most useful part is the closed flower bud of artichoke plant that resembles a thistle. Artichoke flowers bloom throughout the year, with peak time during March and May.More...


Medicinal Herbs :
•Aloe Vera •Arnica •Artichoke •Asparagus
•Barberry • Basil •Bean •Bindweed
•Buckwheat •Castor Oil •Chamomile • Cider
•Clover •Dandelion •Fennel •Fern
•Garlic •Gentian •Ginseng •Horseradish
•Hot Pepper •Iris •Lavender •Marjoram
•Milk Thistle •Mistletoe •Mullein •Mustard
•Nettle •Onion •Peach •Pumpin
•Rosemary •Sea Buckthorn •Soy •Thyme
•Wheat •Wormwood    






How-To-Peel-An-Artichoke      Artichoke adds sumptuous taste to any dish. One can choose either the canned artichokes that are available all the time, or the fresh ones that are better quality wise. Artichokes are pretty easy to cut, but the peeling is a little difficult due to its hard outer leaves. The peels can be consumed provided these are slices off in smaller sizes and the bumpy areas are removed using a vegetable peeler. When you decide to eat them cooked, you will find it comparatively simpler to boil, steam or microwave them fully and then peel it. More..




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