How Do You Steam Asparagus ?

How Do You Steam Asparagus ?

Asparagus has gained popularity because of it high nutritional value and antioxidant nature. Asparagus has been quite useful in treating cancer also. It is mostly available in three varieties. The green variety is the one that is available most commonly.

The most common ways of cooking asparagus are steaming, boiling, grilling, stir frying, roasting, and microwaving. Out of all these methods, steaming is the easiest way to cook asparagus. Also, this method helps in retaining the nutritional value of the vegetable. The classic method of steaming asparagus is by using a steamer. Those, who do not have a steamer, can opt to steam asparagus either in a microwave or on gas stove.

One must know well how to buy asparagus. While buying them, ensure the spears are closed and the stalks are firm, upright and fresh. Generally people ascertain the time for steaming asparagus by checking the size of the spears.

In order to steam an asparagus, at first clean it thoroughly. Remove all discolored tips and wash them gently in a bowl of water. Each stalk must be dried using a kitchen towel. While drying, discard all the woody ends. Then cut the ends with a knife to trim them. Put the asparagus in a steamer if you have one. Take another utensil, such as a saucepan if you do not own a steamer. Fill it with water and cover it with a lid. Let this saucepan simmer for about four to five minutes. Once the asparagus are done with, take them out immediately and arrange in a platter. Serve them hot after spreading a little salt and pepper all over it.

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How Do You Steam Asparagus