When To Plant Asparagus ?

When To Plant Asparagus ?

An asparagus plant can although begin by sowing its seeds but the best way to plant them is by using an already established crown. You can avail the best crowns from a reputed nursery. Plant these crowns as early in spring because this is the best time to prepare the ground.

In order to plant the crowns, dig a trench. The trench can be about 6-8 inches deep and approximately one foot wide. The bottom of the trench should be filled with a shovelful of compost or a good fertilizer that is rich in phosphorus and potassium. Set the crowns properly on these compost heaps. The roots must be completely spread out and should not be doubled over. The place where the buds emanate must be pointed above and should be 4-6 inches under the surface of the bed. Next thing is to cover these planted crowns with a couple of inches of soil that is mixed with some compost. The remaining soil that has been collected from the digging of the trench can be mounted in between the rows. Water these crowns slightly on a regular basis. Remember not to over water the crowns.

When the crowns have grown bigger and the first season advances, the trenches can again be filled with soil to achieve the level of the soil surface. The foliage should not be covered. If done, this will result in slow growth and lower yields. These beds should be watered regularly at least once in seven days. The performance of asparagus can be seen best in full sunlight and soil with a pH of 6.5 to 7.0.

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When To Plant Asparagus