Benefits Of Holy Basil Tea

Benefits Of Holy Basil Tea

Holy basil tea actually was made in ancient India some thousands of years ago. It is known for its anti-oxidant and adaptogenic properties. These properties further boost up immune system minimizes stress and promotes mental strength. In India, holy basil plant is considered as a sacred herb that has various healing properties and health advantages.

Antioxidant present in holy basil tea prevents cell damage that results due to free radicals giving birth to different types of diseases. Adaptogens present in this herbal brew acts as a powerful anti-stress agent that can protect the human body from variety of health ailments.

Holy basil tea improves the immune system, strengthens well- being and advances life duration. It also helps in proper functioning of the heart by lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol. It reduces negative psychological factors and mental stress. Basil tea improves the body’s efficiency in utilizing oxygen. Enhanced oxygen utilization in turn builds up stamina, strength and endurance. It also improves the respiratory system. Assists in digestion and solves all kinds of gastrointestinal ailments. It helps in neutralizing harmful biochemical that is the cause of cancer, degenerative diseases, and premature aging.

Apart from all these benefits it is also good for better liver function. It minimizes cells and tissues damage from ultraviolet sun rays and radiation from other sources. It also reduces inflammation occurring due to arthritis and other joint related disease. Not only this, it also acts as an excellent herb for fighting against many infections.

Although these benefits have been researched and there are evidences to support them, it is still advisable to consult a health practitioner for further enquiries related to any herbal treatment.

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Benefits Of Holy Basil Tea