How To Dry Basil ?

How To Dry Basil ?

Basil can be a wonderful herb for adding in variety of dishes to increase the taste and flavor. It can also be served as an appetizer. Basil is quite a useful herb and hence, is always in demand. Those who have basil growing in their gardens can store them in various ways, so that they can use them in out of season also.

One of the easiest methods of storing home grown basil leaves are by drying them. If you can successfully store home grown basil by drying them, you will never run out of stock of this wonder leaves. Just one basil plant in a year can give you and your family sufficient basil leaves till winter and fall season.

Pluck basil leaves from the plant when they are ready to be harvested. For this choose those leaves or bunches that have sufficient stems. Remember these stems must be about one and a half inch in length. Before plucking the leaves, do keep in mind that longer leaves would take more time to dry. Hence, it all depends on how soon you require the leaves. If you have sufficient time, you may select longer leaves. Or else, choose smaller ones. Once you have plucked them off, now is the time to wash them thoroughly under running water. While washing, you must gently rub each leaf to remove the dirt that gets accumulated on its surface. Thereafter lay all the basil leaves on a dry paper towel. Now look for a place in your house for hanging them to dry. The place selected should be such that it is free from all kinds of physical disturbances and relatively dry. You can utilize an unused closet of your house by hanging the basil in its rod. Otherwise, you may also tie a string in your house and dry the leaves by attaching them on it.

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How To Dry Basil