Bindweed Cancer Cure  

Bindweed has the property of reducing the cancerous tumors. It contains proteoglycan molecules that inhibit the growth of dangerous cancerous cells. The discovery of Bindweed for curing cancer actually started in the US when a woman diagnosed with cancer of the ovaries began searching for alternative medicines and therapies. Ironically, the mother of the same woman had also died of the same problem some seven years ago.

The woman happened to traveled to Oklahoma to meet a shaman and she was administered with a tincture of bindweed. She was being instructed to use this daily and to her surprise she began showing some amazing results.

Once she continued this therapy the size of her abdomen reduced to a normal size. After repeated tests it was confirmed that she was free from any ovarian cancer. Although it has not been proved scientifically that bindweed tincture application could have resulted in such a miraculous save, other tests or studies have given all confusing results till now. There is no such significant report that tells that it can destroy cancer cells, but yes, it is known to boost the immune system.

Recent studies, however, say that bindweed has the ability to reduce tumors by a method that destroys the formation of blood vessels. Malignant tumors mostly show a mass of blood vessels which become the key for the growth of the tumor. By destroying these blood vessel formations, bindweed can successfully achieve reduction of tumor formation. It has been noticed that application of bindweed is almost hundred times more effective than shark cartilage.

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Bindweed Cancer Cure




How-To-Control-Bindweed      Bindweed, one among the most aggressive and relentless weeds that can grow in your garden, must be kept under control if you really want your garden to flourish well. Majority of gardeners make an effort to pull out this weed repeatedly just to see it reappear after a week. Such futile attempts to eradicate bindweed vines from the garden become frustrating at times. In fact, this weed cannot be removed completely in a very short span of time. More..




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