How To Grow Buckwheat ?

How To Grow Buckwheat ?

In majority of areas, buckwheat is ideally sown nearly three months ahead of the first killing frost. This is done to ensure that the extreme temperatures are avoided during seed formation. Nearly all growers in the north east sow the grain in last week of June, while those in the south prefer to sow it a little later. In any case, a good yield cannot be expected if you sow it less than two months prior to the expected frost.

Although it is not necessary to have very diaphanously worked soil to grow the buckwheat grain, it is advisable to prepare an early seedbed to ensure a high yield. In fact, buckwheat is known to typically follow the early crops of pea. Buckwheat seeds by hand are broadcasted at rate of nearly 2-4 pounds/1000 sq. ft. After the grain is sowed, the area must be lightly raked to cover the seeds completely.

It generally takes 5-7 days for the seeds to germinate. Once they germinate, you can see small seedlings, having two small leaves of the shape of a heart, emerge out of the soil. As buckwheat tends to grow very rapidly, you can see the plants flower within a week. Another interesting thing to notice as buckwheat grows is that the sown seeds tend to change their color from light green to brownish black over the time. Besides, towards the end of the season, the grown plants usually have both the unripe and ripe seeds, and the flowers.

The stems are cut using grass shears after the seeds have completely changed their color to black or dark brown. Ensure that the harvesting is done before the killing frost presses on as the frost causes the foliage and the seeds to collapse and fall off. Threshing is very simple and can be done using a plastic sheet and a broom. All you have to do is separate the seeds from the debris and the chaff. Finally, the seeds can be cleaned by pouring them before a small window fan.

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How To Grow Buckwheat